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Bladez Elliptical Trainer

The BH North America Corp is a major manufacturer of fitness equipment. In 2008, BH bought the Bladez brand of exercise machines from the machines' former owner, DK City, which is based out of Taiwan. DK City had a reputation for making poor-quality products and BH is in the process of improving the Bladez line of fitness equipment. So far, BH has enhanced the appearance of the Bladez elliptical trainer machines and exerted more control over how DK City performs their quality-control inspections. This effort has made Bladez machines better than they ever were before the takeover.

Bladez Elliptical Trainer

The Competition

Unfortunately, Bladez elliptical trainer machines do not have a wide following in the North American region yet. However, DK City has years of experience making elliptical trainers, treadmills and other exercise equipment under several brand names. Along with the Bladez brand, BH North America Corp exerts ownership over the Power Train and Ion brands. Currently, BH produces two models of home-use elliptical machines and two commercial-use ellipticals. All four models fall into the $699-$1,999 CAD price range, putting them in direct competition from other leading brands such as Bodyguard, NordicTrack, Smooth and Sole.

Technological and Design Innovations

Although the Bladez elliptical trainer machines are not known for being showy in terms of looks, they are great pieces of exercise equipment. BH ensures that all of their elliptical models are built from start to finish using only top-notch construction and engineering. This company's commitment to quality is seen in their machines' smooth elliptical motion, steel frames, balanced flywheels and sealed bearings.

Those who have had the privilege of using a Bladez elliptical trainer can attest to its rock-solid sturdiness. From the low-end $699 CAD model to the $1,999 CAD model, each elliptical machine made by BH comes equipped with a 50.8-centimetre stride length. Offering this wide stride length is unheard of when it comes to inexpensive elliptical machines.

What makes the BH Bladez elliptical trainer machines stand out from the crowd are their innovations. During the Health & Fitness Expo of 2007, BH introduced an entirely new patented feature that all exercise equipment manufactures are trying to copy: the Adjustable Width Technology. This amazing feature lets the user expand or narrow the distance between both of the machine's pedals. Because of the Adjustable Width, the rider will experience a more natural stride that allows everyone in the same house to customize the same elliptical machine for a comfortable fit.

Why You Should Consider Bladez Products

As stated earlier, BH North America Corp. is not widely known in the North American region, which means not many people are aware of its long history in the fitness machine business. Because they do not have brand recognition, a lot of consumers take a pass on their products. However, their elliptical machines are a smart buy. Once the word begins to spread about BH and their Bladez elliptical trainer equipment, everyone will start spending time researching and testing their products, resulting in more customer loyalty and bigger market share.

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