Elliptical Trainer

Body Break Elliptical Trainer

When buying an elliptical machine, you should get one with several resistance levels and an adjustable incline. With the incline, you can benefit from increased aerobic activity and a way to challenge your body. Another important aspect to look for is a non-jarring, smooth transition between resistance levels, allowing you to change inclines with ease without interrupting your exercise session.

Body Break Elliptical Trainer

Like many people, you may also be considering buying an exercise bike. However, these machines do not give users weight-bearing exercise like elliptical trainers and weight-bearing exercising is great for building bone strength. If you want a great elliptical machine with all of the necessary features, and a few extras, get a Body Break elliptical trainer.

The Basic Body Break Elliptical Trainer

To better describe a general elliptical trainer, think of it as a stationary piece of exercise equipment that simulates running or walking. Except on an elliptical trainer, there is no pressure placed on the joints, decreasing the user's chance of getting an impact injury. With the basic Body Break elliptical trainer, you can enjoy 24 different program selections as well as a quiet, smooth ride. In addition, you will have the ability to keep track of your age, body fat, calories burned, distance travelled, hand pulse, recovery, RPM, speed, target heart rate and watts all within the same multicoloured, back-lit LCD. The transport wheels on this machine let you simply roll it to its storage place once you are finished exercising.

The Touch-Screen Body Break Elliptical Trainer

This Body Break elliptical trainer provides 16 various programs. Also, the computer allows you to store four different rider profiles, making it ideal for family use. On the blue-coloured, back-lit, touch-screen LCD monitor, you can see your BMI, body-fat percentage, calories burned, distance, hand pulse, programs, scan and speed. In order to allow for a more intense workout, this trainer's stride incline can be increased via adjustable glide arms. And just like the basic Body Break elliptical, the Touch-Screen version has wheels for quick and easy transport.

The Rear Body Break Elliptical Trainer

The wide, blue-coloured, back-lit LCD screen on the Rear Body Break elliptical trainer lets you monitor your calories burned, distance travelled, hand pulse, scan, speed and time spent exercising. The 12 workout programs on this machine will provide you with plenty of challenges and the rear-track, commercial-style frame allows for a smooth ride. Other enjoyable features of the Rear Body Break elliptical include a beverage holder and a cooling fan. This model also has transport wheels so you can roll it away after you finish your exercise session.

The Front-Drive Body Break Elliptical Trainer

The last model on this list is the Front-Drive Body Break Elliptical Trainer. This elliptical machine does not have as many features as the other three; however, it is ideal for the beginning rider who is on a tight budget. The big LCD monitor displays your calories burned, distance travelled, hand pulse, odometer, scan, speed and time. Also included in the Front-Drive Body Break elliptical are transport wheels and an eight-position, manual, adjustable tension knob.

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