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Calories Burned Elliptical Trainer

If you are in the market for home exercise equipment, but you are having a hard time trying to choose what kind to buy, take a moment to consider an elliptical training machine. Like many, your determining factor is what machine burns the most calories. It is understandable that you want to get the most benefits for your money.

Calories Burned Elliptical Trainer

Calories Burned Elliptical Trainer

According to manufacturers, the average user will enjoy calories burned elliptical trainer up to 720 per hour. Of course, the true amount of calories burned elliptical trainer will mainly depend on your current weight. A 68-kilogram woman can enjoy calories burned elliptical machine of 774 per hour while an 82-kilogram man will burn up to 1,000 calories per hour. Besides the user's weight, there are other factors that play a role in the calories burned elliptical trainer, such as the elliptical machine's tension settings, the experience level of the user, gender, interval training, muscle-to-fat ratio, the use of upper-arm strength and workout session duration.

Increasing the Amount of Calories Burned Elliptical Trainer

One of the best ways to increase your calories burned elliptical trainer is by exercising in intervals. The majority of trainers provide a tension or incline that the user can tweak while working out. It is suggested that exercisers try to integrate 30-second shifts in incline every five minutes per session. Doing so not only challenges the body and burns calories but also elevates the amount of burned calories for a 24-hour period.

Also, fitness experts recommend that people utilize their upper-arm strength when trying to get the most calories burned elliptical machine. This will allow the arm muscles to build and in turn, the amount of calories burned to be increased. If the elliptical machine does not have arm grips, the user can hold a pair of hand weights and put their arms in a swinging motion that corresponds with their stride.

The forward and backward motions created by riding an elliptical machine should be utilized. The more muscles you use during your workout session, the greater amount of calories burned, especially post workout. This is why you should take advantage of the manner in which elliptical machines move. Do not forget to change up the routine every five minutes in order to facilitate the burning off of calories.

Finally, you should break up the regular routine of your workout. Physical fitness gurus state that two small workouts are more beneficial than one regular workout in terms of calories burned elliptical trainer. Since all types of exercise temporarily boosts the metabolism, those who do a 20-minute workout in the morning and in the evening will charge their metabolism for a longer stretch of time. However, if you are unable to fit two workouts into your daily routine, keep in mind that you can still burn a greater amount of calories by doing a 30-minute exercise routine as opposed to a 15-minute one. By using the tips stated above, you will burn more calories than ever before.

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