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Cardiostyle Elliptical Trainer

Cardiostyle elliptical trainer machines mainly operate by their legs as the trainer's feet move backward and forward elliptically. The majority of Cardiostyle elliptical trainer models are designed to create a dual-action movement, meaning the handlebars and pedals are attached; this allows for a simultaneous lower-body and upper-body workout. In addition to the elliptically moving feet, the Cardiostyle elliptical trainer uses resistance along with the rider's force to move the handlebars and pedals. In turn, this will determine the workout intensity.

Cardiostyle Elliptical Trainer

Either magnetic or electromagnetic flywheels and brake systems are the mechanisms that generate the resistance needed for a cardiovascular workout. The flywheel spins due to the magnetic field and the resistance will be greater as the magnets move closer together. Also, the power of the magnetic field will determine the handlebar and foot-pedal resistance.

The Makeup of a Cardiostyle Elliptical Trainer

Cardiostyle elliptical trainer machines come in a front-flywheel drive or a rear-flywheel drive depending on the model. Their drive belts and flywheels directly impact their smooth operation. On models with a heavier flywheel, the machine will be smoother and quieter. The magnetic braking system is responsible for the trainer's frictionless resistance keeps the brake and flywheel from touching one other, allowing the machine to be durable and quiet.

When looking at a Cardiostyle elliptical trainer machine's specifications, you will notice it lists the stride length, which is the measurement between how far the pedals travel while in motion. The longer the stride length, the better the motion range. Most Cardiostyle elliptical trainer machines range from 30-50 centimetres. For maximum comfort, taller users should look for a Cardiostyle elliptical model with a long stride length.

The pedals are also important aspects of a Cardiostyle elliptical trainer. It is best to purchase a model with pedals that are close together. This will closely emulate the feel of naturally jogging or walking. The screen displays on Cardiostyle ellipticals show information such as calories burned, distance travelled, elapsed time, programmed selections, pulse and riding speed.

Purchase Points to Consider

The first point to consider when purchasing a Cardiostyle elliptical machine is the amount of people planning to use it. If you will be the only user, you can get by with an inexpensive model. However, if there will be multiple users, buy a Cardiostyle model with a larger brake and a heavier flywheel. Of course, the fitness level of each user matters too. If you are a beginner user, or have never started an exercise program, it is not necessary to get an elliptical machine with all the "bells and whistles."

The way you plan to use an elliptical trainer will make a difference as to the type of model you buy. Again, a standard Cardiostyle elliptical trainer model will suffice if you only want to use your machine occasionally. But if the machine centres around your entire workout routine, a deluxe model will be best. Lastly, if you have limited floor area for setting up exercise equipment, front-flywheel models require less space than their rear-flywheel counterparts.

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