Elliptical Trainer

Cross Elliptical Trainer

There are plenty of attractive features that draw die-hard exercise fanatics to cross elliptical trainer machines. Of course, the particular model of machine you choose will dictate the features that it will have.

Cross Elliptical Trainer

Heart Rate Sensors and LCD Consoles

The heart rate sensor is one of the most useful features on a cross elliptical trainer. These sensors are normally attached to the machine's handles, which means users do not have to measure their pulse rate or put sensors on their body. Some models of cross elliptical trainer machines even come equipped with wireless heart rate sensors.

Another excellent feature of a typical elliptical trainer is its LCD console. Some of the standard information displayed on an LCD console are the amount of calories burned, the user's heart rate and the number of steps taken. Advanced cross elliptical trainer consoles come with pre-programmed exercises. These programs are helpful for getting the maximum benefit from an exercise session. Studies prove that users who set fitness goals and use an elliptical's console to reach those goals are more apt to stay on track and tend to burn extra calories.

Pedals and Uprights

There are other models of cross elliptical trainer machines with pedals and uprights that are adjustable. Because the pedals and uprights can be adjusted, users will be able to fit the machine to perfectly match their height, creating a more comfortable experience. The fact that these parts are adjustable is not only great for comfort but also helpful in reducing the risk of becoming injured because the elliptical trainer will be able to move seamlessly with the body's motion.

Magnetic Resistance and Ramps

An adjustable magnetic resistance is also common for cross elliptical trainer machines. The magnetic resistance allows users to raise the difficulty level of their machine in order to build strength as well as enjoy a thorough workout. With this feature, exercise sessions on cross elliptical trainers will never become boring and will always let the user challenge themselves to the limit.

Moving ramps are yet another customizable aspect of cross elliptical trainer machines. When using the ramp, a user can begin their workout on a flat plane and slowly tilt to a harder incline. The ramp coupled with the magnetic resistance provide a high-intensity workout that targets multiple muscle groups. Users will be able to get a harder workout, allowing them to burn additional and get a toned, strong body.

Something Else Worth Noting

Although the previous listed features of a standard cross elliptical trainer make it clear this type of exercise equipment is a great buy, there are other aspects worth mentioning. Some of these features are exclusive to certain brands and models as each manufacturer employs a unique combination of technological functions. Regardless of the elliptical trainer, it is important to examine each feature in order decide what you cannot live without. Determining the kind of cross elliptical trainer you want as well as how much you are willing to spend will help you figure out which machine is right for you.

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