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Cybex Elliptical Trainer

When the elliptical trainer machine was first introduced to the public in 1995, everyone who had a chance to use one felt like they were walking on air. As the technology integrated into these machines progresses, they are able to last longer and offer more features than ever before. The Cybex elliptical trainer is one amazing piece of exercise machinery. A major problem with treadmills and other exercise equipment is the manner in which they put the legs in motion. This forced motion causes too much pressure on the knees, lower back, legs and feet.

Cybex Elliptical Trainer

However, the Cybex elliptical trainer is totally different. The way it gives users more results in a quicker time period really must be experienced to believe. Thanks to the evolution of its technological developments, these exercise machines have brought greater efficiency to fitness gyms and health clubs all across Canada. The science that operates elliptical machines is the Reverse Arc Motion Technology, which works the glutes, quads and other muscles.

The Cybex Advantage

Cybex elliptical trainer machines provides fitness and training benefits for people who want to lose weight and tone their body in the shortest amount of time possible. This type of machine is ideal for anyone who is determined to enhance their physical fitness and reach their weight loss goal. Because Cybex elliptical trainer equipment allows for a total body workout without joint and muscle strain, riders can burn more calories.

Treadmills and exercise bikes tend to require a great deal of stress on the joints during workouts. However, ellipticals place the full demand of effort on the body's muscles instead of the joints. This benefit allows people to enjoy a longer exercise session without causing a strain on the back, hips or knees.

Cybex Elliptical Trainer Features

The setup of a typical Cybex elliptical trainer boasts a console that includes 13 different workout programs. Among the various programs, there is the calorie goal, cardio, endurance, manual, quick start, strength and weight loss. In relation to this machine's arc, the flywheel is positioned fairly close to the front and the pedals sit more toward the back.

When a user mounts the arc, they will instantly be put into an upright position, causing the hips to take the brunt of the effort. Because of its natural positioning, the elliptical trainer feels more comfortable than other exercise equipment. Users also find the incline feature fairly easy to use.

What It Costs

In many gyms, Cybex elliptical trainer machines are edging out exercise bikes and treadmills. With these machines, riders get to experience multiple patterns in one exercise session, saving gym-goers time and gym owners money. Recently, Cybex introduced a smaller version of their standard elliptical meant for home gyms, spas and hotels. Despite their reduced size, these elliptical machines are just as beneficial as any others made by Cybex. All models made by this company are of a high enough quality to be considered commercial grade. Given this classification, the home-use elliptical lines cost approximately $4,000 CAD.

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