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Dual Action Elliptical Trainer

A dual action elliptical trainer has push-pull grip bars that are designed to exercise the upper body while the elliptical pedal movement works to exercise the lower body. Most dual action elliptical trainer machines have an electronic screen that shows the user's calories burned, movement speed, distance travelled and time elapse. It is standard for these elliptical trainers to offer non-slip pedals, reverse-forward direction and a tension dial with variable resistance. The Stanima Dual Action elliptical trainer is a budget-friendly choice.

Dual Action Elliptical Trainer

What Users Like

The Stamina dual action elliptical trainer is known for having a compact footprint and sleek design, allowing it to be stored in small corners or large closets. These machines also come equipped with transport wheels that make it easy to move around the house. By using its tension knob, the Stamina dual action's resistance can be increased. Thanks to the padded grip bars, the rider will be able to workout their upper-body muscles as well as their waist and hips.

As a low-impact piece of exercise equipment, the Dual Action is simple to operate. The user will not have to endure hard pulls and jerking. Riders who have trained for years may be accustomed to trying workout sessions; however, average users can feel joint and muscle pain after only a few days of using other, less smooth models. Thankfully, this elliptical machine does not cause any of these physical issues.

More About Dual Action Movement

As stated earlier, the pedals of an elliptical trainer create a smooth, walking/jogging motion. On a dual action machine, the grip bars exercise the upper body. Because of the dual action movement, both the lower and upper body will benefit from the machine's resistance. The pedals are wide so the feet will stay put, allowing the hips and thighs to reap the benefits. And since the grip bars move in synch with the pedals, the shoulders and arms will get a healthy workout too.

Comparing the Stamina Dual Action Elliptical Trainer

In terms of cost, the Stamina Dual Action Elliptical Trainer is budget-friendly. However, users under 80 kilograms are able to be adequately supported by this machine. Also, this Stamina model is not well-suited for multiple-users and extended workout sessions. One worry shared by expert reviewers is that this elliptical trainer only comes with a 90-day warranty on parts, alluding to the possibility of early breakdowns. Users have reported that the Stamina Dual Action creates a lot of noise in its handle pivot points; squeaking also occurs while pedalling.

Regardless of this machine's flaws, the Stamina Dual Action Elliptical Trainer works sufficiently for those who are of a smaller weight. Of course, potential buyers should keep in mind that this elliptical trainer may need its bolts tightened regularly. Those who wish to workout 4-7 days per week should take a look at other models. Even though the $250 CAD price is enticing, the $550 CAD price tag for a comparable Schwinn or Horizon EX is a better investment. All in all, the Stamina Dual Action will do just fine for casual users.

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