Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical Trainer Calories

When exercising, the number of calories burned depends on the kind of workout. If you decide to workout on an elliptical training machine, the frequency of sessions and your personal fitness level will make a difference in the calories burned. There are several more factors that determine elliptical trainer calories burned.

Elliptical Trainer Calories

Inclines and Upper Body

The first step to burning more elliptical trainer calories is increasing the machine's incline. By increasing the incline at various intervals throughout your workout sessions, you will see a difference in no time. And after you finish a session, your body will continue to burn calories.

Another way to maximize the elliptical trainer calories burned is via the machine's handle bars. Use these bars in order to exercise the upper body. Keep in mind that the greater amount of muscles used, the more the muscles will develop and the more calories your body will burn.

Movement and Timing

The elliptical trainer calories burned will also depend on how many muscles you utilize during any given workout session. A lot of these trainers are equipped with backward and forward movements. Both of these motions involve the maximum amount of muscles. By using both motions along with an increase in incline, you will carry on the elliptical trainer calories burned long after the session is over.

The best time to engage in an elliptical training exercise session is 30 minutes in the morning and another 30 minutes in the evening. Doing so boosts the number of calories you will burn while on your elliptical trainer. In turn, you will get better results.

Difficult and Workout Time

After the elliptical trainer is put into use, start out at the lowest resistance adjustment possible. After awhile, you can gradually increase the training difficulty in order to challenge your body more. Once again, this will only up the overall calories burned.

The amount of time you workout per session makes a huge difference. According to various studies, a minimum of 15 minutes per session will do amazing things for the body. Even so, 15 minutes is usually puts the body in a position where it wants more exercise time. Therefore, start off at 15 minutes and slowly build up to 30-minutes sessions to maximize the elliptical trainer calories burned. As stated earlier, two 30-minute sessions each day is the best goal for which to reach.

Body Size

Finally, the size of your body will play a major role in how many calories you can burn on an elliptical trainer. Usually, one exercise session on an elliptical can burn from 300-600 calories. However, the exact number of calories you will burn will depend on your body's size. For example, a smaller woman will typically burn half the amount of calories a larger woman could burn by exerting the same effort in the same time period. So if you happen to be a petite woman, do not let the low elliptical trainer calories burned discourage you. Instead, work on increasing the resistance and time spent per session.

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