Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical Trainer Prices

Price is a determining factor as to the elliptical trainer people choose. As you shop, you should know what to expect from all three ranges of elliptical trainer prices.

Elliptical Trainer Prices

Economy Elliptical Trainer Prices

Economy elliptical trainer prices typically cost from $300-$1,000 CAD. These inexpensive elliptical machines are not intended for heavier users or those who wish to use an elliptical frequently. And if the rider decides to speed up during their exercise session, these units may become unstable. The quality of these elliptical machines widely varies.

Some elliptical trainers are well-constructed while others emit squeaking noises or break down after a short period of regular use. Another problem with bargain-priced elliptical machines is that their warranty periods are short if a warranty even exists. The typical cheap-elliptical warranty is 90 days, which says little for parts quality. All in all, economy elliptical trainer prices can last from 1-5 years depending on the reliability of parts and how the owner cares for and uses the machine.

Moderate Elliptical Trainer Prices

Moderate elliptical trainer prices cost anywhere from $1,000-$2,000 CAD. These machines provide consumers with much more quality as opposed to economy trainers. Moderately-prices elliptical trainers are thought to be high-quality machines for home use and provide the majority of users with plenty of features. In addition, medium-priced machines can handle users of a larger weight unlike their economy counterparts. They also have a stable base, making them ideal for frequent use. This makes it possible for riders to increase their workout speed without fear of tipping over.

Another beneficial aspect of moderate elliptical trainer prices are covered by extensive warranty periods, assuring consumers their parts are quality-built. They also have more advanced consoles that offer a great deal of workout monitoring information and integrated exercise programs than bargain-priced models. Consumers can expect one of these elliptical trainers to last from 2-12 years. Of course, their life span depends on how often it is used, parts quality and the care the machine receives.

Commercial and High-End Elliptical Trainer Prices

The final category consists of commercial or high-end elliptical trainer prices. These models cost anywhere from $2,000-$6,000 CAD. And when it comes to the best elliptical machines money can buy, high-end trainers win hands down. These trainer are often seen in health clubs and gyms. Some of their features include extremely stable bases, high weight capacities, personal trainer programs and inclines. These ellipticals also tend to weigh more than others, which adds to their stability.

Usually, high-end elliptical trainers are made to last at least 10 years and are able to stand up to heavy riders and frequent use. Advanced athletes will benefit from these machines if they want to take their training to a more challenging level. Now that you know the three different elliptical price categories, you can decide which one best suits your fitness level and exercise needs. Knowing the specifics of each category will help you narrow down the choices available on the market, bringing you one step closer to owning one.

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