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Elliptical Trainer Reviews

There is a seemingly endless amount of choices when it comes to elliptical machines. This makes it tough for consumers to make a good decision. However, elliptical trainer reviews are chock-full of information about the latest machines to hit the market. If you are shopping around for a new elliptical machine, start by checking out these elliptical trainer reviews for the Sole E35 and Nordic AudioStrider 990 Pro. According to elliptical trainer reviews, these two models are among the best money can buy.

Elliptical Trainer Reviews

Elliptical Trainer Reviews: The Sole E35

The elliptical trainer reviews about the Sole E35 stat that this machine is a great value for the money. It has a 50.8-centimetre stride length, which is wonderful for tall users. This elliptical trainer also features moving arms to build upper-body strength as well eight workout programs and 20 resistance levels. Those who reviewed this machine are giving it praises for its automatic incline feature that allows users to work various groups of muscles during a single exercise session. There are other sought-after features integrated into the Sole E35, such as the mP3-compatible built-in speakers and the wireless heart-rate monitor. When it comes to smoothness, sturdiness and an intuitive control panel, the E35 takes top place.

But like all exercise equipment, the Sole E35 has its downsides too. Specific to this machine, assembly was said to be a challenge and many users claimed it took 3-4 hours to fully put together. There were also reports about slow and sometimes unresponsive customer service. Even so, this elliptical trainer has a long warranty period that includes a lifetime of coverage on the frame, two years for labour and five years for electronic and mechanical parts. Shoppers who have a little extra money to spend will get plenty for their money for $1,300CAD.

Elliptical Trainer Reviews: NordicTrack AudioStrider 990 Pro

For consumers who do not have a lot of spare money to put towards exercise equipment, elliptical trainer reviews find that the NordicTrack AudioStrider 990 Pro is a great value for budget-class elliptical machines. This machine from NordicTrack has quite a few features not typically seen on other ellipticals in the same price range, such as stride length of 45.7-50.8 centimetres that is completely adjustable. It also has mP3-compatible, built-in speakers, an automatic incline and workout fans. Users will enjoy a selection of 16 resistance levels as well as a heart-rate monitor with a hand grip. The AudioStrider 990 Pro has received many accolades for its impressive incline that gives users more variety than ever before. And the elliptical drive system is stable and surprisingly quiet.

One of the negative points of this AudioStrider is its durability; however, this is not an uncommon problem for budget elliptical machines. These issues ranged from faulty electronic modules to deteriorating rollers. This machine offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty for labour and parts. Those who have a budget that allows for $1,000CAD will love all the benefits this elliptical trainer will give them.

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