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Fitness Club Elliptical Trainer

When you are searching for the best elliptical machine to purchase, with quality and price being your two determining factors, there is one brand you must look into: Life Fitness. At first glance, Life Fitness Club elliptical trainer machines seem to have the style and quality other elliptical machines do not possess because of their uninspiring design or too-high price. Although priced at $4,000 CAD, the Life Fitness Club elliptical trainer offers consumers tons of options.

Fitness Club Elliptical Trainer

Movement and Resistance

The Life Fitness Club model is exceptionally smooth, making users feel as if they are using top-of-the-line gym equipment. The LED console is easy to read and the frame style is sleek and attractive. There are numerous resistance on Life Fitness Club elliptical trainer machines and thanks to their alternator resistance, these machines operate smoothly and quietly. Because this company has spared no expense, it includes an excellent choice of workout programs.

Ingenuity and Quality

Life Fitness provides some of the market's most ingenious, quality exercise equipment. With 18 different workout programs from which to choose, users will be able to pick from terrain emulations that have been dubbed "Around The World." With its offering of amazing programs and its high price tag, it is no wonder Life Fitness Club elliptical trainer models are full of quality and ingenuity through and through.

Low-end models do not have the resistance increases and smooth changeover like the Life Fitness Club elliptical machine. These positive qualities allow users to continue their workout while the alternator resistance is changed. This elliptical trainer's smooth motion and quiet operation is all possible because of its alternator resistance. So if you want to get an elliptical machine that does not skimp on quality while still offering a huge array of features, the Life Fitness Club elliptical trainer is the right choice.

Some Downsides

Like all exercise equipment, the Life Fitness Club elliptical trainer has its downsides. First, the warranty period for this machine is too short considering the cost of the machine. Usually, a short warranty period is offered on elliptical machines around $1,000 CAD. This is definitely a huge concern. At the very least, the Life Fitness Club's warranty should have at least equaled a Sole brand warranty.

One other negative point to the Life Fitness Club models is that they lack the all-important adjustable stride length. While other Life Fitness lines do have adjustable strides, the Club series 45.75-centimetre stride length is restrictive, uncommon and difficult to handle. This factor makes these machines unsuitable for hard-core runners.

Overall Viewpoint

The overall viewpoint expressed by reviewers who compared the Life Fitness Club elliptical trainer series to other comparative brands and models on the market give the Club series high marks. Of course, an adjustable stride length would have made these machines more enjoyable. Regardless, this line of elliptical trainers by Life Fitness is still high quality. However, their high price does not make them the absolute best value when pitted against other elliptical models.

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