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Freemotion Elliptical Trainer

Once called the Price Club, Costco is a premier warehouse chain of stores that requires a membership in order to shop; Costco stores have locations across the world. From the moment it opened its doors in 1976, members were able to enjoy discounted prices for quality goods. Those who have a membership to Costco can buy meat, produce, prepackaged food, baked goods, appliances, home hardware, clothing, tools, furniture, electronics, movies, books, camping gear, speciality items and fitness equipment. And when it comes to fitness equipment, the selection is quite impressive. Shoppers can choose from models at various price points. Freemotion elliptical trainer machines are also available at Costco for a lower price than any other vendor. These machines offer effective cross-training for home use.

Freemotion Elliptical Trainer

The Freemotion Elliptical Trainer EXT Rear Drive

The XTE model of Freemotion elliptical trainer machines offer 20 resistance levels, an oversized LCD screen, iPod music port, iFit technology and FoldAway style, making this model an excellent value. Because the drive train is located behind the rider, this machine operates smoothly. The LCD display screen helps users track how many calories they have burned, the level of resistance, the time spent exercising and the heart rate. This model is currently available through Costco for $800 CAD.

The Freemotion Elliptical Trainer e7.5

The rear access of the Freemotion e7.5 allows this model to efficiently use space. This exercise machine utilizes electromagnetic resistance and a belt drive. Its covered wheel track prevents accidental injuries as well as debris accumulation. In total, there are 16 various resistance levels and nine workout programs. This machine's LCD screen displays the amount of calories burned in total and per hour in addition to the watts, time spent exercising, pulse and resistance level. The user's heart rate is tracked via the wireless chest strap. The Freemotion elliptical trainer e7.5 can handle a maximum weight of 158.76 kilograms.

The Freemotion Elliptical Trainer e7.7

Many of the features found on the Freemotion elliptical trainer e7.7 are the same as those on the e7.5 version. However, the e7.7 offers a fan, built-in speaker system and 20 resistance levels. Thanks to the wireless chest strap sensors, the user can track their heart rate. The Freemotion e7.7 also lets riders connect their CD and mp3 player directly to the console in order to play music through the built-in speakers. This machine's fan has three different speed settings for a high level of user comfort. In addition, the wide LCD screen displays calories and calories per hour, stride per minute, resistance level, exercise duration, pulse, distance and watts. The Freemotion e7.7 can support a 158.76-kilogram user.


Before you decide to purchase a Freemotion elliptical trainer, it is advised to talk to your doctor in order to find out whether or not you are healthy enough to ride on one of these machines. Also, be sure you know the ins and outs of properly using any elliptical training machine. The employees at Costco will allow you to test one before buying as long as you ask first.

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