Elliptical Trainer

Heatlhrider Elliptical Trainer

Healthrider elliptical trainer machines are ideal for those who want to get a strength-building and cardiovascular workout with little impact on their muscles and joints. The beauty of these machines is that they provide the perfect mix of cycling, walking and stair-climbing movements in a circular motion that reduces body strain. As users stand upright on Healthrider elliptical trainer machines, they put pressure on the pedals and grip bars to start the circular motion and work their upper body. Since this a low-impact exercise, riders can read a book, listen to music and watch television while working out.

Heatlhrider Elliptical Trainer

Motion Power

Because Heathrider elliptical trainer machines create power from the rider's movements, these trainers are considered to be among the most eco-friendly pieces of exercise equipment available. The display screen on a Healthrider elliptical trainer lights up due to the electricity generated by the user. While it is illuminated, the rider can choose from 15 various Personal Trainer Workouts.

Personal Trainer Workouts

These workout programs will vary according to the individual's physical fitness goals, such as weight loss or aerobic. On the off-chance the user does not find what they want with one of these Personal Trainer Workouts, the Healthrider elliptical trainer offers a manual mode that allows people to create their own program. Depending on the model, the customized program can be saved for future use.

Once a program is selected, the screen will show a visual diagram of the program's workout details. This helpful feature lets Heathrider elliptical trainer users choose a workout with no guesswork necessary. And the majority of programs can be chosen using a one-touch button feature, making Healthrider elliptical trainer machines very user-friendly.

Heart Rate Monitor

In addition to its extensive workout programs, the Healthrider elliptical trainer allows users to monitor their vital signs while exercising. The grip bars contain metal contact sensors to help measure the heart rate. Because of this feature, riders can figure out if they are meeting their exercise goals and target heart rate.

Other Features

Elliptical users come in varying heights; tall people need a longer stride length in order to get a proper workout. This is why the Heathrider elliptical trainer offers a 50.8-centimetre stride length as well as wide foot pedals that are designed to fit taller users. There is also a glide track that eliminates jarring movements that are known to cause joint damage. A great upper-body workout is also possible on the Heathrider thanks to its push-pull grip bars. These bars provide upper-arm strength training and muscle toning, which is unheard of on other exercise machines.

Some Healthrider elliptical trainer models have a MusicPort that allows users to enjoy their mp3 player or iPod while exercising. This feature coupled with the machine's Intermix Acoustics create a rich music sound. In addition, the CoolAire fan also comes equipped on various Heathrider elliptical models. This fan features adjustable settings and is conveniently integrated into the machine's console. There is no question that users get a lot from the Healthrider brand of elliptical trainers.

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