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Horizon Elliptical Trainer

Over the past five years, the physical fitness industry has experienced a multitude of changes and growing trends. One of the popular trends at the moment is the elliptical trainer. When it comes to these machines, quality is key. Since most consumers are on a budget, they simply cannot afford to spend $3,000 CAD on high-end elliptical trainer. However, Horizon elliptical trainer machines are excellent pieces of equipment that hover around the $1,000 CAD area. Take a look at the three leading Horizon elliptical trainer models on the market.

Horizon Elliptical Trainer

The EX56 Horizon Elliptical Trainer

At a low price of approximately $600 CAD, the EX56 is the cheapest elliptical model made by Horizon. However, its power is not to be underestimated. This machine is a hot seller because it has an amazing natural-gait feel than most other elliptical machines in this price range. The EX56 features eight different resistance levels, eight various fitness programs and a built-in monitor to gauge the user's heart rate. With a 45.72-centimetre stride length, this Horizon elliptical trainer is much larger than comparable models. The weight limit for the EX56 is 113.40 kilograms.

The EX66 Horizon Elliptical Trainer

There is one major difference between the EX66 and its EX56 predecessor: their fitness programs. Serious elliptical users know that an elliptical machine's fitness programs are a key part of its quality. On this note, the EX66 by Horizon does not disappoint as it comes with two more programs than the EX56. This model is ideal for newbie cardio trainers who need to use a greater amount of intensities during resistance training in order to get the most out of each workout session. For $800 CAD, consumers can enjoy all the benefits provided by the EX66 Horizon elliptical trainer.

The EX76 Horizon Elliptical Trainer

As the Horizon brand's crown jewel, the EX76 elliptical trainer is different from the two previously mentioned models. The EX76 has better stability, offers more programs, a heart rate control and a maximum weight capacity of 136.08 kilograms. Because of its intuitive heart rate monitor, the EX76 Horizon user can burn more calories by easily being able to gauge their target heart rate. And with its 16 fitness programs, consumers will be able to enjoy a better range of workout intensities per session. This premium elliptical machine costs more than other Horizon models. Despite its $1,000 CAD sale price, this elliptical is an excellent investment.

Final Thoughts

With a low-price elliptical machine, there is a good chance that it will wobble and have more mechanical and electronic problems. But this is not the case for Horizon elliptical trainer machines. The ellipticals built by Horizon are made to last after years of hard use, making them the absolute best elliptical machines for $1,000 CAD and under. Even at these price points, the majority of user reviews do not include reports of mechanical breakdowns or skimping on quality. Anyone who wants to get serious about physical fitness, but is working with a tight budget, will soon find the Horizon elliptical trainer to be the best choice.

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