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Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer

When it comes to home exercise equipment, Life Fitness elliptical trainer machines are among the most popular. These trainers have earned plenty of industry awards and consumer praises by ConsumerSearch, Runner's World and SmartMoney. For over 27 years, Life Fitness has been producing quality exercise equipment in thousands of home and commercial gyms throughout 120 countries.

Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer

The Benefits of Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer Machines

Life Fitness elliptical trainer machines are renowned for their attractiveness, functionality and durability. They feature upholstered seats and metal alloy for reinforcement. And all models are created by design professional and bio-mechanical engineers in order to ensure that consumers will enjoy proper ergonomics and a high level of comfort. And in true Life Fitness fashion, their elliptical trainers are appealing to the eye, making anyone proud to put on in their personal home gym.

Different Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer Models

There are quite a few Life Fitness elliptical trainer models from which to choose. Physical fitness enthusiasts will enjoy selecting from six models that include many benefits and features, all of which come at varying price points. The Club Series of Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer models is made for home gyms but based on ellipticals used in heath clubs. Because of their design, the Club Series has a stride and console similar to professional-grade machines. The hand sensors are perfect for monitoring the heart rate, making zone training a breeze.

With the X8 Series, there are electronic stride adjustments that make this series an excellent way to get a low-impact workout. Users are able to customize this model's console with a choice between a basic or an advanced. Either way, the console still comes equipped with a heart rate monitor. Those who want to simultaneously target multiple muscle groups should look towards the X5 Life Fitness elliptical trainer series' adjustable stride length. The stride allows users to get the best fit for walking, jogging, sprinting and running.

The X3 Series features WhisperStride technology that creates a fluid and silent motion. This features is beneficial in terms of quiet enjoyment. Users will enjoy a variety of entertainment choices via the console. Those who want a higher-end version will like the x3i. Life Fitness also makes elliptical trainers for the beginning user, such as the X1 Series. For a higher price, the X1 is also customizable. Finally, the Sports Cardio SX30 is sits at Life Fitness' lowest end of models. While the Sports Cardio works okay for casual riders, most consumers would prefer a better value for their money.

Other Elliptical Features Users Will Enjoy

All of the Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer Models have their own variation of features such as iPod integration and built-in television screens that provide audio and visual entertainment to enhance the riding experience. However, duration readouts, heart rate, incline and intensity are a standard throughout each model. Regardless of the particular model, Life Fitness ellipticals are a great value and will last a long time if properly maintained and used.

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