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Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

Using an elliptical trainer is one of the best ways to get cardiovascular exercise because they provide a low-impact workout that increases your aerobic capacity and builds muscles. Although some kinds of fitness machines utilize tension belts with pedals to make resistance, many elliptical machines use disc magnets. These magnets produce a quite, smooth resistance option.

Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

Types of Magnetic Resistance

There are two basic kinds of resistance methods used for magnetic elliptical trainer machines: motorized magnetic and manual magnetic. The machines that utilize manual magnetic technology are usually low-priced and force the rider to pull a lever or turn a knob to set the position of the magnets in relation to the flywheel. With motorized magnetic technology, riders use a digital controller for precise settings. On higher-end models, the elliptical machine itself will adjust the flywheel resistance according to the user's heart rate, which instantly makes the routine easier or harder.

Features of Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Machines

Magnetic elliptical trainer machines produce silent magnetic resistance creates by utilizing the current that flows between two magnets. Unlike traditional fitness equipment that operates by an adjustable tension belt located on a flywheel, magnetic elliptical trainer equipment brings two magnets closer and further from one another on either side of the machine's flywheel. Although the magnets never come into direct contact with the flywheel, they do come closer via the machine's resistance settings. The closer the magnet comes to the flywheel, the greater the forward motion becomes.

When it comes to silent magnetic resistance, the motorized Eddy-current braking system is the most quiet with the most smooth resistance. Since the magnets on an elliptical machine only have to move a few millimetres or centimetres when using an Eddy-current, it is easy and quick to change interval-training settings. Manual magnetic technology, also referred to as particle-braking systems, utilize technology that is similar to motorized magnetic technology. But the manual variation does not adjust as fast or run as quiet.

Magnetic elliptical trainer machines rely on electro-magnetics to operate their braking systems. The flywheel of the trainer acts as a conductive material. This material runs through the machine's magnetic field, causing electrons to flow into the conductive material. Once this happens, the electrons will begin spinning in Eddy currents, which is a lot like the way water swirls in a whirlpool. The spinning produces smaller magnetic fields that will drag against the material. The more conductive the material or the bigger the magnetic field, the more drag produced.

Points to Consider

If you decide to buy a magnetic elliptical trainer according to the brake system operation, experts recommend to think carefully about the marketing methods employed by makers of lower-end ellipticals. The models that use manual braking systems sometimes state that they utilize Eddy-current technology. However, bargain-priced models typically use the particle braking system, which does not operate off Eddy-currents. In addition, you should never pay more money for a warranty given to a cheap magnetic elliptical trainer. Your money is better spent towards buying a higher-end magnetic elliptical trainer that comes with a better manufacturer's warranty.

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