Elliptical Trainer

Magnetic Resistance Elliptical Trainer

Although elliptical training machines seem complicated to care for and use, they are easier to maintain and operate than treadmills and stationary bikes. Also, treadmills need a large amount of electricity in order to run while ellipticals receive motion power from the rider and console power from batteries, and the user in some cases. The word "elliptical" in the elliptical machine refers to the way the pedal outlines the an ellipsis when it is moved.

Magnetic Resistance Elliptical Trainer

Adjusting the Resistance: Generator Resistance

Users get strength-building exercise by adjusting the elliptical machine's resistance. The resistance is typically created and adjusted by using one of two different methods: generator resistance and magnetic resistance. In 1998, generator resistance was introduced in order to offer a smoother resistance as opposed to magnetic resistance elliptical trainer machines. Generator resistance requires the user to create the power when moving the pedals. The faster the rider goes, the more resistance they make by raising the generator's circuits. The resistance will vary via the machine's control board that closes and opens relays that go to the generator.

Adjusting the Resistance: Magnetic Resistance

Every elliptical machine has a flywheel that gives momentum and weight to the movement. A magnetic resistance elliptical trainer machine operates similar to the brakes on a bicycle sans the rubbing motion. On a magnetic resistance elliptical trainer, the bracket that attaches to the hinge and the flywheel will control the proximity of the bracket to the flywheel. Once the bracket moves closer, more resistance is created.

The Best Kind of Magnetic Resistance Elliptical Trainer

There are several different kinds of magnetic resistance elliptical trainer machines, such as the electromagnetic, magnetic and eddy-current systems. However, the least expensive is the manually adjustable variety; these magnetic resistance elliptical trainer machines cost around $400 CAD. There are also electromagnetic systems for elliptical machines that do not require manual adjustment. These can be programmed; however, they are slow to respond during adjustment. As of right now, the best kind of magnetic resistance trainers are the ones that run on eddy-current systems that have fast rpms and chrome-plated flywheels. Although these ellipticals are the most pricey, they are completely silent.

In Comparison to Other Exercise Equipment

Elliptical machines offer different resistance and difficulty levels to meet various fitness levels. The more the rider uses an elliptical, the more physically fit they become. Eventually, they will need to increase their workout efforts. Experts also recommend that riders increase the energy and speed exerted throughout the workout with intermitent periods of slower speeds.

Similar to the way one walks or rides a bicycle, the difficulty of movement can be easily increased by going up an incline or changing up the speed. Elliptical machines work the same way. There are quite a few brands and models available and each one has their own resistance system. Of course, the actual resistance system will affect how much the particular model of elliptical costs in addition to the challenge level of the user's workout sessions.

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