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Nordic Elliptical Trainer

The Nordic elliptical trainer comes with a wide array of wonderful, beneficial features that all elliptical machine users want. Due to its SpaceSaver feature, the Nordic elliptical trainer can be folded in order to free up floor space. And users can now adjust their stride length to target certain muscle groups, which better facilitates the burning of calories. A short stride is great for lifting and tightening the button, toning the hamstrings and slimming the hips. A long stride is ideal for increasing endurance and a medium stride is perfect for cardioid workouts.

Nordic Elliptical Trainer

The Distinctive Features of a Nordic Elliptical Trainer

In terms of value-to-cost, the Nordic elliptical trainer models give other brands plenty of competition. These elliptical machines are known for their sturdiness, quality designs and huge variety of desirable features. These pieces of exercise equipment allow the user to adjust their stride length anywhere from 35-45 centimetres as well as change the level of intensity between 10 different pre-programmed options.

Also, the line of Nordic elliptical trainer machines have a clear, easily readable LED screen on their console and provide a smooth stride free of jerks and bumps. The integrated, wireless heart rate monitors are attached to the hand grips. With the two-speed fan, users will stay cool during their exercise routines. Another comfortable feature of these machines is their wide foot pedals; they are adjustable in order to allow for the targeting of various muscle groups. And as mentioned earlier, the SpaceSaver feature of the Nordic brand lets users fold these machines quickly and easily.

The Cost of a Nordic Elliptical

By combining all of the previously listed features, Nordic has created a line of excellent elliptical trainers that help users get in shape faster and more efficiently. If you want to experience the reliability and value of a Nordic elliptical trainer, the average price range runs from $800-$1,000 CAD. While this may seem like a lot of money for exercise equipment, keep in mind high-end models cost up to $3,000 CAD, which makes Nordic machines a steal considering all of the features they offer.

Warranty Information

No matter what brand and type of exercise equipment you want to purchase, it is always important to thoroughly look over the associated warranty information. There are a lot of elliptical machine manufacturers that only offer a basic 90-day warranty. As a consumer who is planning to spend a substantial amount of money on an elliptical machine, you should consider getting an extended warranty. Ideally, this warranty will cover a one-year labour period and a two-year parts period. Some items that are included in a Nordic elliptical trainer warranty are labour costs, brakes, the console, electronic parts, the frame and the motor.

Remember, you are getting an excellent value with a Nordic elliptical trainer. It will help you tone, lose weight and get a complete-body workout while providing an impressive amount of features. Its quality and durability cannot be beat. What an amazing piece of exercise equipment!

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