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Proform Elliptical Trainer

Proform elliptical trainer machines are known for their quality and amazing features. With all of their attractive points, choosing one model can be difficult. Take a look at Proform's two most well-known models: the 850 with Gamefit and the Ergostride 3.0.

Proform Elliptical Trainer

The 850 with Gamefit Proform Elliptical Trainer

This Proform elliptical trainer utilizes "Gamefit Technology." With Gamefit, users can workout with two different games. This feature adds a whole new level of excitement and fun to ordinary exercise sessions. These games are designed to challenge the player by becoming easier as the workout routine becomes harder. So the faster the user's pace, the simpler it will be to win a game. Calorie Destroyer and Fat Blocker are the two games available with the Proform Elliptical Trainer 850.

Besides Gamefit, the 850 model includes 12 various workout programs designed to help users burn more calories and lose more weight. With its excellent quality, this machine will give even the most advanced fitness fiends a great workout. This unit's display constantly showcases the heart rate due to the built-in sensors on the handle bars. In addition, the Proform 850 Elliptical comes with an Interplay port, which lets users connect their iPod and listen to their music of choice via the integrated sound system.

However, there are a few downsides to the 850 Proform elliptical trainer. First of all, many consumers have complained about assembly difficulty. This issue is partly caused by the elliptical machine's hex screws that seem to become stripped too easily if they are not screwed delicately. Another negative aspect of the 850 is the sometimes inaccurate heart rate monitor. Although these downsides are not deal breakers, they still need to be taken into consideration before making a purchase. Even though the Proform elliptical trainer 850 with Gamefit is not perfect, the 12 workout programs, music port and games make it a valuable purchase.

The Ergostride 3.0 Proform Elliptical Trainer

The Ergostride 3.0 is created for an entirely different buying market. This Proform elliptical trainer model is much more compact than its 850 cousin. For those who do not have a lot of floor space, the Ergostride is perfect. But since this elliptical machine is rather small, some of the features seen in the Proform 850 are not available. In comparison to the 850, the Ergostride 3.0 also comes equipped with a pace trainer, ten different resistance settings, a fan, six various workout programs and a built-in heart rate monitor located in the unit's hand grips.

However, the Proform Ergostride 3.0 does not have the exciting Game fit Technology as the 850 does. This missing feature may not seem so bad to people who do not like to have a lot of distractions around them while they workout. Besides Gamefit, the user will not have the ability to hear their iPod songs via integrated speakers. This machine also has less workout programs and just like the 850, it is hard to assemble. According to customer reviews, assembly takes anywhere from 2-3 hours.

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