Elliptical Trainer

Schwinn Elliptical Trainer

Most exercise machines give their users a workout that focuses on either the upper body or the lower body. The only type of machine that simultaneously works both sections of the body is the elliptical machine. With this dual workout method, the rider will benefit from better lung and heart functions. And these benefits are enhanced when the rider uses a combination of the eight resistance levels offered by the Schwinn elliptical trainer. Also featured on a Schwinn elliptical trainer is the six-person profile system and the eight pre-programmed workouts. Owners of one of these elliptical machines get a quick-start function, calorie goal and a smooth motion.

Schwinn Elliptical Trainer

More Benefits

Another amazing feature offered by the 430 model Schwinn elliptical trainer is the ability to review ongoing reports about one's progress. The BioFit and BioGlide technologies give users a comfortable 50.8-centimetre stride in addition to hand grips and foot pedals that monitor the heart rate. And by using the Eddy current brake resistance, riders can enjoy an even smoother step. Other fun and convenient features include transport wheels and a drink holder.

The Downsides

Some consumers have reported that the 430 Schwinn elliptical trainer has print errors in its user manual and its assembly instructions. Also, the stride length only seems to be beneficial to users of shorter stature and the monitor lacks a back-light. Other complaints included too-small footplates as well as squeaking sounds that indicated the bolts needed adjustment.

The Overall Consumer Consensus

In general, the majority of people who bought the 430 Schwinn elliptical trainer have given positive reports in regards to its features and operation. They are happy with the compact size that allows them to use it in areas that lack space. And once the squeaky bolts were adjusted, users were pleased with this machine's quiet, smooth ride.

Even with the overall positive reviews, the fact that there is no back-light on the display monitor is a big downside. And with footplates that are too high and small, potential buyers of the 430 Schwinn elliptical trainer should make sure this machine gives them a comfortable fit before they purchase one.

Those who are happy with the way this machine feels and who have knee troubles may find the 430 Schwinn elliptical can help them strengthen their muscles to the point where they can walk with less pain. Another point to consider is people who have owned another elliptical brand in the past think that the 430 Schwinn is better, making it an excellent investment at $600 CAD.

Buying Tips

Before shopping for an elliptical machine, buyers should consult with their physician to make sure they are in proper physical shape. Remember, when it comes to heath and physical fitness, the 430 Schwinn elliptical machine is wonderful choice. Of course, be sure to take enough time to gather all the accompanying information for these machines, including the features, benefits, reviews and price. And above all else, always comparison shop before making a final decision to ensure that you will be happy with your purchase.

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