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Smooth Elliptical Trainer

In terms of elliptical training machines, there is no clear winner as to the leading brand throughout all price ranges. Each elliptical manufacturer rules a certain price point. For instance, Icon Fitness is thought to be the best brand in the $1,000 CAD-and-under price range. Precor and Life Fitness are two excellent high-priced brands. Then, there is Smooth Fitness, which falls into the mid-priced elliptical machine models.

Smooth Elliptical Trainer

Purchasing Options and Price Reductions

Smooth elliptical trainer machines are mainly sold over the Internet and are unavailable through traditional vendors. Smooth Fitness' position is that they reduce costs spent on the "middleman" and overhead, costs that are typically passed onto the consumer. Shoppers can expect to save anywhere from 5-10 percent by purchasing a Smooth elliptical trainer online.

Background of Smooth Fitness

Smooth Fitness is known to be among the first companies to sell high-end exercise equipment on the Internet. In the beginning, Smooth privatized other fitness equipment brands such as Kettler, Keys and Spirit. Almost a half-decade ago, Smooth began creating and producing their own exercise machines. From this time, this company went from being a small player in the industry to making the number 277 spot of Top 500 Internet Retailers from 2006-2007. Smooth Fitness is the 15the largest e-Sporting Goods retailer.

Models of Smooth Elliptical Trainer Machines

Smooth elliptical trainer machines are the main reason whey Smooth Fitness quickly became a recognized name in the exercise equipment industry. These machines are meant to be durable and effective, which is definitely the case for the CE 3.2 model. The Smooth elliptical trainer CE 3.2 is a great value in the $1,500 and above price range. This model features a rear drive for fluid motion.

Its 79.38-kilogram weight allows this machine to be very sturdy. Users will enjoy ergonomic pivoting pedals that decrease impact and strain. The CE 3.2 offers a wireless heart rate monitor and a lifetime warranty for the frame as well as the electromagnetic brake system. In addition, there is a one-year labour warranty and a two-year parts warranty.

Another feature all consumers will appreciate is the Smooth elliptical trainer CE 3.2's integrated heart rate monitor that sits inside the grip bars. Although virtually every elliptical machine offers some way to monitor the heart rate, most models have this device built into stationary grip bars. And if the user has to grip stationary grip bars in order to get their heart rate, the entire dual-workout purpose is defeated.

There is currently three Smooth elliptical trainer machines that range from $1,300-$2,200 CAD, which are the CE 2.1, CE 3.2 and the CE 7.4. All listed prices factor in shipping costs. Much like the majority of other exercise equipment brands, Smooth Fitness offers curbside delivery. And for a little bit more money, consumers can enjoy optional services such as indoor delivery and machine set-up. By perfectly fusing a moderate price and quality, Smooth elliptical trainer machines are among the better elliptical machines in the $1,000-$2,200 price range.

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