Elliptical Trainer

Sole Elliptical Trainer

Sole is well-known for its extensive years as a quality treadmill manufacturer so it comes as no surprise that their elliptical machines are also top sellers. This company is highly regarded for providing the public with excellent elliptical trainers at low prices. The sole elliptical trainer offers many great features.

Sole Elliptical Trainer

Foot Pads and Handle Grips

Sole elliptical trainer machines correct the issues that are associated with feet alignment. The foot pads on these trainers allow the feet and legs to move in the usual elliptical motion by forcing the feet to slant inward at two degrees. This position feels very natural to the user and allows them to protect their ankles, back, knees and joints during workout sessions.

In addition to the foot pads, the sole elliptical trainer machines give the upper body a way to exercise too. Each one of the sole elliptical trainer models has upper-body handle grips to give riders the option of working the arms and shoulders while giving their lower body a workout too.

Weight Limit and Stride Length

One of the major problems of most elliptical machines on today's market is that they cannot handle users who are extremely overweight. However, Sole understands that the main idea behind purchasing home exercise equipment is to lose weight. Because of this reason, Sole elliptical trainer machines can hold riders who weigh up to 136-181 kilograms. Therefore, Sole elliptical trainer machines are made for not only people who need to get physically fit but also those who want a solid machine.

In addition to supporting the weight of heavier riders, Sole elliptical trainer machines offer long stride lengths. Their 50.8-centimetre stride length allows tall people to comfortably workout in the privacy of their own home. Another benefit of the long stride length is that the lower body receives a better workout and burns more calories, ensuring quicker weight loss.

Heart Rate and Music

Riders enjoy being able to easily monitor their heart rate during Sole elliptical trainer workouts. The heart rate monitor is built into the handle grips so users do not have to pause their session to check their heart rate zone. Sole trainers provide different workout plans to achieve various heart rates, which makes these elliptical machines ideal for aerobic activity.

Loving the time spent on a Sole elliptical trainer is easy due to the integrated speakers and the iPod or mp3 connectivity device built into the machine. Those who are able to enjoy a fun activity, such as listening to music, while exercising stand a better chance of working out for longer periods of time and pushing their bodies to more challenging limits.

Reviewers have found that Sole supports their elliptical machines 100 percent. They guarantee each of their trainers' quality and craftsmanship. This company feels that their units can endure years of use with a very little chance of breaking down. Consumers can rest assured that since this company is highly invested in their products, they can be bought with confidence.

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