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Space Saver Elliptical Trainer

In their initial stages, space saver elliptical trainer machines were poorly built. Consumers had to sacrifice quality in order to a small model. Since compact ellipticals tended to be cheap and cheap units were not quality built, they usually broke down a lot faster than standard models. But today, there are plenty of excellent, reliable options when it comes to space saver elliptical trainer machines. In general, you have three options of models that will take as little space as possible for your elliptical machine.

Space Saver Elliptical Trainer

Buy a Folding Elliptical Trainer

When home-gym technology was fairly new to the marketplace, the only kinds of exercise equipment that folded were treadmills. Now, folding elliptical machines are gaining a foothold in the industry. According to reviews, NordicTrack and Proform make the two best folding space saver elliptical trainer machines currently available. These machines generally come equipped with extra features such as built-in speakers, heart rate monitors, workout programs and mp3 hookups.

The majority of folding models have pedals and bases that fold vertically and then lock into place. The one downside to folding elliptical trainers is they are priced under $1,000 CAD, meaning they are economy-grade machines. If you are in the market for a commercial-grade machine, look for one with a two-side flywheel.

Get a Compact Elliptical Trainer

If you are not completely short on space, but you still need a space saver elliptical trainer, you should consider the latest space-saving, compact models, which are made to be slim. For instance, the Razor series of elliptical machines made by Proform are approximately one-half the width of standard elliptical trainers. Although the Razor line and traditional ellipticals are almost the same length, the Razors are much less wide, allowing them to fit in tight spaces. Even so, the fact remains that compact ellipticals are economy-grade machines. Once again, if you want a high-end, commercial-grade elliptical trainer, you will do best two-side flywheel model.

More About Two-Side Flywheel Models

If you have been watching the industry carefully, you might have noticed that the two-side flywheel, space saver elliptical trainer is making its way into the commercial-grade elliptical market. These machines feature two small flywheels on either side of the elliptical instead of one large flywheel located at the back or the front. This innovative design allows the legs to work closer together, which provides a smoother ride. A few manufactures claim that the two-flywheel models place the rider in a better workout posture. All in all, the two-flywheel styles are the smallest space saver elliptical trainer machines that do not skimp on quality or stability. Generally, two-flywheel ellipticals are much shorter than standard machines; however, they are quite heavy.

Folding, compact and two-flywheel models are your three space saver elliptical trainer options. Even though the two-flywheel versions are the heaviest, they usually have wheels that let you easily move them. But no matter what kind of elliptical machine you decide to purchase, always think about the weight, height and ideal stride length of each person who will be using the elliptical.

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