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Vison Elliptical Trainer

Vision Fitness is the maker of some of the utmost elliptical machines on the market. Quality and well-built are two adjectives that perfectly describe the Vision line of elliptical training machines. Vision elliptical trainer machines are especially popular throughout Europe. There are currently five models available: the X600 Folding, the X6400 Folding, the Fitness X6200, the Fitness X6200HRT Folding and the Fitness X6600HRT Commercial.

Vison Elliptical Trainer

Company Background Information

Every elliptical machine made by Vision is built by the Vision company; no outsourcing. This Wisconsin-based fitness equipment company manufactures and distributes a huge array of products such as stationary bikes, treadmills and elliptical machines. In 1993, Vision started as a division of the Trek Bicycle Company that builds outdoor bicycles. And in 1997, Vision Fitness reached a milestone by producing the first treadmill with a price tag under $2,000 CAD.

The X6600HRT Vision Elliptical Trainer

Out of all five models, the X6600HRT is considered to be a top machine in terms of durability. Although it is the highest-priced model, the X6600HRT is not known to be a great space-saving elliptical machine. However, this Vision elliptical trainer is ideal for those who are dedicated to a certain exercise routine. Of course, consumers should make sure that this machine, like any other, fits them correctly. So be sure to test out this expensive Vision elliptical trainer before buying it. Vision Fitness' elliptical trainers have received accolades from publications such as Money, Smart Money, Health, Consumer's Digest and Parenting.

The Benefits of All Vision Elliptical Trainer Machines

One of the best aspects of Vision elliptical trainer machines is that they have a lifetime warranty on their frame and braking system. In addition, Vision supplies a 2-3 year warranty period on parts as well as a 1-2 year warranty on labour depending on the particular model. While Vision offers plenty of features that makes them one of the indisputable industry leaders, it may be helpful to compare their elliptical trainers to other brands. By doing so, you will quickly see all that Vision has to offer.

First of all, Vision gives all of their customers high-quality elliptical machines. And athletes that require a machine packed full of features will find that Vision outdoes its competitors. Anyone who wishes to buy an elliptical trainer, despite the brand, should make sure the particular unit works as it should. In addition, the consumer is advised to check user reviews to make sure the machine they pick will last for a long time and has a reputation for being durable. Thankfully, Vision ensures their customers' satisfaction by providing an excellent warranty.

All of the elliptical machines made by Vision are made to tone and shape the body, promote heart health and assist the rider in managing stress. Each Vision elliptical trainer model that comes off of their assembly line offers Three-Inch-Q-Factors. The Three-Inch is designed to measure the distance between the rider's feet. This measurement system is great at curtailing joint fatigue that plagues those who engage in extended sessions.

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